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  • Initial release: 2015
  • Director: Gajendra Ahire
  • Music composed: Indian Ocean
  • Screenplay: Gajendra Ahire, Ashwini Sidwani
  • Producers: Gajendra Ahire, Ashwini Sidwani, Arpan Bhukhanwala

The Silence 2015 Movie Short Review

The issue of sexual maul is as devouring a point today, as it was in 2015, when The Silence was made. It took the broadly lauded film two years to get an emotional release however it’s advocated paying little heed to the delay. In perspective of an authentic story, The Silence spreads out through the experiences of three women who relate the repugnancies they’ve encountered. However, on a very basic level, it is Chini (Vedashree/Mugdha) and her nearby relative’s (Patil) story.

Boss Gajendra Ahire is known to make hard-hitting motion pictures and this is one of them. It isn’t a subject that various would deal with the way he has. Be it the energetic Chini’s nightmarish experience of being assaulted by virtue of a relative or Manda’s (Kadam) standoff of a ratty supervisor or the nearby relative enduring torment and dreadful treatment by virtue of her significant other (Manjule), these are cases that every woman can relate to or review having seen.

The film spreads out in flashback parts and each area is interlinked. It is a film that opposes your slant to get some distance from a bad behavior and urges women to talk up. Ashwini Sidwani’s story is as bona fide as it can get and Ahire’s treatment does value to it. Unusually, Ahire has intertwined calms amidst scenes to have a persevering impact. The acquaintance is impactful with the point that it will without a doubt impact you to think. A weakness of the film in any case, is its pace. Crisp adjusting at particular spots would’ve added to the general impact.

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