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  • Initial release: June 15, 2001 (United Kingdom)
  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
  • Language: Hindi
  • Box office: est. ₹700 million

Laagan 2001 Movie Short Review

The film is set in the Victorian time of India’s frontier British Raj. The story spins around a little town whose tenants, troubled by high assessments, end up in a remarkable circumstance as a pompous officer provokes them to a round of cricket as a bet to maintain a strategic distance from the expenses. The story turns around this circumstance as the villagers confront the strenuous assignment of taking in the outsider diversion and playing for an outcome that will change their town’s predetermination.

On the third and last day, Bhuvan passes his century, while a large portion of the later wickets fall. Ismail comes back to bat with the assistance of a sprinter and passes his 50 years, decreasing the objective to 30 keeps running of 18 balls. The diversion comes down to the keep going over with Kachra on strike. With one ball remaining and the group down five runs, Kachra thumps the ball a short separation, dealing with a solitary. Be that as it may, the umpire flags no-ball. Bhuvan comes back to bat and hits the ball high noticeable all around towards the limit. Russell runs in reverse and gets it, trusting that his group has won, until the point that he understands that he has gotten the ball past the limit, giving six runs, and in this way triumph, to Bhuvan’s group. Indeed, even as they praise the triumph, the dry season closes as a rainstorm emits.

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Bhuvan’s annihilation of the British group prompts the disbanding of the cantonment. What’s more, Russell is compelled to pay the assessments for the entire territory and is exchanged to Central Africa. In the wake of understanding that Bhuvan cherishes Gauri, Elizabeth comes back to London. Devastated, she stays unmarried for whatever is left of her life. It is uncovered, amid the epilog, that Bhuvan went ahead to wed Gauri. Be that as it may, regardless of the noteworthy triumph, Bhuvan’s name was lost in the pages of history.

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